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We've been making bespoke software applications for years now - we are experts in making software that's accessible anywhere in the word, at any time. We've made all sorts of applications and systems for all types of businesses from SME's to international corporations. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?

Our software development lifecycle (SDLC)

1. Identify the current problems
“What don’t we want?” This stage of SDLC means getting input from all stakeholders, including customers, salespeople, industry experts, and programmers. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the current system with improvement as the goal.

2. Plan. “What should the new software do?”
In this stage we define a specification document which determines a timeline and a cost of the works involved.

3. Front end design
We start designing the new software in terms of front end looks, all stakeholders will look at PDFs and images showing how the new software will look and behave. If something needs changing, this is the perfect step to make changes before the real development starts.

4. Build.
This stage is writing all the code and actually building the software, and deploying it ready for testing.

5. Test. “Did we get what we want?”
In this stage, we test for defects and deficiencies. We fix those issues until the product meets the original specifications.

6. Deploy. “Go Live”
When your software goes into its live environment. Ready to be used by its intended users.

7. Maintain.
As conditions in the real world change, we need to update and advance the software, patch securities and even add new features.

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