The Advantages of having a website for your business

If you don’t have a website in this day and age you are missing out on a vital marketing tool. For many of your potential clients, especially for younger audiences, Google is where they go to find a product or service.


If you’re a shop and you don’t have a website you are missing  out on the chance of having a 24/7 365 days a year shop front. If you are a car sales business you’re missing out on the chance of marketing your cars for (almost) free. If you have tried other forms of advertising you will know how expensive it is, and how cost effective it is to have a website in comparison.

Having a website also will give your company credibility, every large company out there has a website.  If you want to give potential clients the impression you are a large business you really do need an online presence, in particular a website to show off your products and services. If you are looking to increase your client base beyond your local town or city a website is especially important, the world wide web gives everyone a chance to market their business on the world stage.


A company website can also give you a new way of communicating with your customers, lets say you’re an estate agent and you’re looking for a way that clients can get in touch without your staff having to be constantly on the phone. A solution to this would be to have a chat service on your website where clients can easily type queries and your staff can answer without having to move away from there keyboard, saving them time and saving the business money in the long run.


Perhaps the best aspect of a website is that it gives visitors information, information that otherwise the potential customer would have to call to get. You could list your opening times, your address, telephone numbers, email addresses,VAT numbers and so much more. A website is also a great tool for companies which are rapidly expanding, it gives you a place where you can advertise job placements and can also really help with establishing your identity as a company.


A website can also go far beyond just a simple digital brochure. These days you can do all kind of things with just a web browser, insurance firms save millions by having automated quote software, an Uber driver has his taxes ready to print off thanks to Ubers investment in there website. At Ace Development we a specialists in creating bespoke websites and web applications, we’re based in Bridgend, South Wales but offer design, development and support services across the globe.


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